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A sorting plant  (plant for sorting separately collected waste) is a waste management building intended for sorting, mechanical processing and storage of separately collected municipal waste.


Sorting equipment

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Automatic baler press

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Separat rotor

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Sorting cabins

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Receiving chamber

Image 5

Special dosing crane

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Device for plastic bags and boxes opening

The plant for sorting municipal waste is equipped with the most modern technology, which achieves the highest degree of waste recycling, the lowest percentage of disposal at the landfill, and the goals of a circular economy, which significantly contributes to the sustainable development of the planet Earth. The sorting plant provides the technological possibility of recycling municipal waste according to its use values, which means obtaining high-quality, clean raw materials for the market, production of organic fertilizer for eco-agriculture, and production of RDF fuel from the rest of fuel waste.

Advantages and benefits 


A high degree of waste recycling, which reduces landfill costs and helps achieve circular economy goals


Precise recycling processes that enable optimal utilization of raw materials and minimization of losses


The use of the most modern technology and high-quality materials ensures long-term functionality and minimal maintenance costs


Simple integration into existing waste management processes and adaptation to different types of waste, which facilitates operational processes and increases efficiency

Realized projects

Image 1

Sorting Plant Varaždin

Image 2

Sorting Plant Ogulin

Image 3

Sorting Plant Prelog

Image 4

Sorting Plant Bjelovar

TEHNIX: Sorting Plant

Advanced technology: The waste sorting plant integrates innovative waste sorting and processing processes, resulting in an efficient and reliable recycling process

Excellence in quality: We are known for the high quality standards of our products and services. The waste sorting plant is built from high-quality materials and equipped with the latest technology, which ensures long-term and reliable operations.

Customized solutions: We approach each project individually, adapting our solutions to the specific needs and requirements of customers. The waste sorting plant can be adapted to different sizes and capacities, which enables optimal integration into existing waste management infrastructures.

Support and service: We provide continuous support and service to our customers throughout the lifetime of their products.

Invest in the future of your community with TEHNIX waste sorting machines and realize quick returns on investment

Investing in TEHNIX waste sorting machines will not only improve the efficiency of your waste management process, but will also contribute to environmental protection and resource conservation. Don't wait - take advantage of TEHNIX waste sorting machines and transform your ideas into reality today!


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