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Plant for biological treatment of separately collected biowaste.​

The Tehnix company has developed the most modern system for composting biowaste, setting a new standard in sustainable waste management. Our innovative system enables rapid transformation of organic waste into high-quality compost of the first category in a record time frame of 6 to 8 weeks. This technological innovation not only speeds up the composting process, but also provides a sustainable solution for waste management, encouraging environmentally conscious practices and a circular economy.

Phases of the Tehnix biowaste composting system

Biomass preparation for composting process

Biomass preparation for composting involves sorting and shredding the material to remove impurities and promote faster decomposition. Balancing the ratio of carbon and nitrogen is essential for an optimal process. After preparation, the biomass is placed in a compost pile where it is regularly turned and monitored for temperature and humidity to ensure efficient decomposition. This process results in high quality compost, beneficial for soil and plant growth.

Compost fermentation areas
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Phases of compost maturation

Decomposition: The initial stage in which microorganisms break down organic material, generating heat and high temperatures. Stabilization: In this phase, the temperature gradually decreases, and the microorganisms continue to break down and convert the material into a more stable compost. Maturation phase: Compost becomes stable, fragrant and rich in nutrients. This is the final stage in which a high quality of compost suitable for use in the garden or agriculture is achieved.

First category compost

Compost of the first category is high quality, stable and rich in nutrients. It is produced through a controlled composting process with optimal conditions of temperature, humidity and ventilation. This compost has a homogeneous texture, a pleasant smell and a low level of impurities. Its pH value is neutral to slightly acidic, which makes it ideal for improving soil structure and stimulating plant growth.

What does the composting process consist of?

1. Preparation of materials: It starts with the selection of various organic materials such as plant residues, vegetables, fruits, sawdust, or the like. The material is usually crushed or shredded to speed up the decomposition process.

2. Mixing: The material is mixed to achieve an optimal carbon to nitrogen ratio (C:N ratio), which encourages the activity of micro-organisms that break down the waste.

3. Moisture: It is necessary to maintain an adequate level of moisture in the compost, because microorganisms need moisture to break down the material. Excessive or insufficient moisture can slow down the process.

4. Turning: Regular turning or stirring of the compost ensures even decomposition and aeration, encouraging the activity of microorganisms.

5. Decomposition: Microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and worms, break down organic material into compost. During this process, the temperature inside the compost can increase due to the heat generated by the microorganisms, which helps to destroy pathogenic organisms and weed seeds.

6. Maturation: After most of the material has been broken down, the compost is allowed to rest to achieve stabilization and complete the maturation process.

7.  Final processing: at the end of the process, the compost must be passed through a sieve to remove the remaining larger parts of organic material or uncomposted parts.


This overall process creates high-quality compost that can be used as fertilizer to improve soil in gardens, agriculture, or for other environmentally friendly purposes.See detailed instructions on composting itself here. 

Equipment for Tehnix composting systems

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Compost roto-shredder

Image 2

Bio-furrow turner

Image 3

Universal mobile
rotary compost

Image 4

Automatic monitoring
of temperatures
in the composting

Image 5

Compost packing machine

Realized projects

Image 1

Compost Plant Herešin

Image 2

Compost plant Bjelovar

Image 3

Compost plant Đurđevac

Image 4

Compost station Prostor Rama

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Investing in a TEHNIX biowaste composting system will not only improve the efficiency of your biowaste management process, but will also contribute to environmental protection and resource conservation.

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