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From a small team to a global leader

Mr. Đuro Horvat, born on April 16, 1943 in Draškovac, Međimurje, settled in Donji Kraljevac since 1971. He was educated at the end of elementary school in Draškovec, and then he attended a school for KV workers, a school for KV masters and a technical high school in Varaždin. After that, he enrolled at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb - Varaždin department, where he graduated and obtained the 6th degree as an economist. He also completed an intensive educational program at Forum Academy Zagreb, where he became an independent expert for the preparation and implementation of EU projects in 2015..

Founded the company "TEHNIX" d.o.o. in Donji Kraljevac in June 1991. This company has become one of the most successful in the field of design, production and servicing of machines and equipment for environmental protection and waste management under the name TEHNIX EKO INDUSTRIJA. The company is adapted to the ecological standards of the Republic of Croatia, has the necessary permits, attestations and certificates and keeps prescribed documentation and records. It also invests in education and equipment for environmental protection. With his knowledge, creativity, inventiveness and ability, he started the entire business system of TEHNIX d.o.o. Thanks to innovations and patents, the company is a leading manufacturer of machines, technologies and equipment for environmental protection and sustainable waste management in the Republic of Croatia and most of Europe and the world.


Company Tehnix is a leader in the eco industry. TEHNIX is committed to the revolutionary design and application of technologies for environmental protection. Our mission is to create innovative solutions that promote sustainability, responsibility, and high standards in the environmental industry. Through expertise, transparency, and continuous research, TEHNIX stands for a positive impact on the global ecology.


Our vision is to become a global leader in the environmental industry, recognized for superior technologies that help in building a cleaner and more sustainable world. TEHNIX strives to be synonymous with innovations that set new standards in environmental protection, while at the same time promoting economic well-being and social responsibility.


 Sustainability and responsibility: We integrate sustainability into all aspects of our business, from production to service. We follow the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

Global presence: We expand our influence in the global market, cooperating with partners, experts, and leading companies in the environmental industry around the world.

Employee education and development: We provide a stimulating work environment that encourages continuous learning, innovation, and personal development of employees, enabling them to contribute to our success.

Social responsibility: We actively support socially responsible projects that contribute to the well-being of the communities in which we operate, promoting positive change and social inclusion.

Through a consistent commitment to our mission, vision, and goals, TEHNIX continues to shape the future of the environmental industry, setting the standard for sustainability and innovation.


Founding of the company Tehnix d.o.o. with 11 employees


The company Tehnix Beo from Serbia enters the business system, the company grows and moves to new facilities


With a sudden increase in employees to 178, Tehnix operates under the Global Ecological Company brand


The business system is being expanded and raised to a higher business level with the opening of the BP Kraljica business complex and the Kralj hotel


The company Tehnix employs 268 employees and works in 5 production facilities


The number of employees increased to 319 in 6 production facilities


A major turning point occurs with the opening of new facilities and a hall for the production of eco equipment, the start of business under the name TEHNIX ECO INDUSTRY


The production facility no. 9 - Service and assembly center of utility vehicles, the number of employees increases to 445


The number of employees increased to 490, and production expanded to plant no. 10 for the production of special machines and equipment


The company Tehnix is the world's leading eco industry with 600 employees, 80% of exports, and 60 million euros in revenue.


As the crown of 30 years of existence, the Tehnix company built a BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER


Additionally, 3 new production facilities have been put into operation

Ecology is a science that deals with the medicine of planet Earth

Đuro Horvat

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